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Clash of Clans is a very entertaining war game, one of the most downloaded games in the Google Play Store and iTunes, which is why many people want to always play Clash of Clans, so this time we will show how they have to do getting enjoy Clash of Clans in computers with Mac OS X from Apple company.

This game, Clash of Clans, is available for both tablets and smartphones, which is why those interested in enjoying this application from their mobile devices can do it and play Clash of Clans without any problems. Note that Clash of Clans is an entirely free game, which can be downloaded for free, although it should be noted that within the game developed by Supercell we can purchase items with real money, which will be useful to achieve progress levels of this game a lot much easier.


Methodology of Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans we can build villages to produce resources to help the warriors who defend it from invaders, as well as to provide provisions for the conquerors who are going seizing each of the towns to which they have access. This is a great game that can be played online, which is why it has become one of the most wanted players usually want to measure with other people through strategy games like this, which is why Clash of Clans have become so popular. 

In order to install the game Clash of Clans we must complete the following steps: 

  • The first thing you have to download Clash of Clans in the Mac version of the Android emulator called Bluestacks, which at the moment is in Alpha version.
  • After installing this program on your computer will proceed to download the Android version of the game Clash of Clans.
  • Then we’ll simply have to install the application on your computer to enjoy it with your keyboard and mouse with our.

Clash of Clans

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clash of clans

Clash of Clans is a very popular videogame that has managed to win over its players with its method of fighting game and strategies. The game is about creating your own village, where you are the head and decide where every building is built, while you train your own army and plan your own strategies to attack other villages in order to steal their raw materials needed for construction and improvement of buildings and army (Gold and Elixir) and also to get league points to move up your clan and to be able to help your teammates (who are also other online players).

The videogame Clash of Clans is “Free to Play“, which means you can play it for free . If you do not want to pay for improvements immediately, usually you would have to wait a while for those improvemens to happen, although there are several military options or improvements that are available only if you pay the amount of money you think it is worth in the game.

In order to get the currency used in the game (Gems), you will have to exchange your own money. The game itself will help you make the exchange through your credit card associated with your account AppStore or Google Play.

The simplicity and ease to play the game has encouraged many people to play this entertaining game that also gets people to think of a better strategy in order for your village not to be attacked and get raw materials needed to get all the improvements to turn your village into an indestructible fort for your enemies.

Users see this game as one of the most entertaining games of today, with big remarks on the fact that it does not have any major flaws, even on not so powerful cellphones, which could play the game just fine since it has a very basic interface and takes up very few of the resources of our smartphones.

We recommend that if what you are looking for is to have fun for months or years and not just finish a game in two days, this is a great game for you to have fun in the best possible way.

Clash of Clans dragon

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Clash of Clans is a strategy game developed by Supercell. In this game you will find many features such as placing defensive, resource, army and many other buildings, attacking enemies and defending from them and troops.  Troops can be trained in barracks and are used to win trophies either against the goblins or against other players. There are two different kinds of troops, the normal ones, which require elixir or dark elixir and the Hero troops (Archer Queen and Barbarian King), which are the most powerful ones.

The normal troops are formed by 15 different fighters. Some of these fighters are the dragons. These creatures, together with Healers and P.E.K.K.As are very powerful and can defeat the defences and a whole village easily; in fact, they are the most powerful creatures apart from the Hero ones. The problem is that they cost a very high amount of elixir. Now we are going to focus on the dragon, a terrifying creature without mercy.

The dragon is a flying unit that can attack ground and air units with his flames and who has ranged and splash damage. It does not have a particular target, but it aims at whatever is nearest to him, and when it attacks it does short-range splash damage.

If you want to defend yourself from Dragons, since they are one of the most powerful units, a good strategy would be to place your air defences behind your primarily line of defences. This way, they won’t be attacked and destroyed too early.

If you wish to attack with dragons a good point would be to combine them with Balloons. Due to its high Elixir cost, they are most used to get Trophies than to steal resources.

Dragons can be upgraded for 4 levels. Upgrading him means graphic changes but also more damage and a higher training cost.

  • In level 1 the Dragon’s skin is green.
  • In level 2 its skin turns purple.
  • In level 3 Dragon’s skin becomes dark brown.
  • And finally in level 4, its skin turns deep red and its eyes start to flame.

So to sum up, despite being expensive and taking a long time to train, dragons are very powerful creatures and are used by almost every top player of Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans walls

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In Clash of Clans, the strategy game of the moment, you will be able to place walls around your village and you most precious goods. Walls are used to keep your village safe and your enemies out.

If you want to have a well-defended village, wall placement is one of the most important points to consider. Walls will be very useful for you to defend your village since they are able to resist a lot of damage from enemies that attack you.

The first thing you should know is that in order to have effective walls, they must be 100% closed, this means that there can’t be any space without wall or your enemies will sneak in. Using the edges of the map, the buildings or decorations as barriers is a mistake since the troops will just walk on them.

Be careful! Air units (Balloons, Dragons and Minions) and ground units under the effect of a Jump Spell can avoid walls! Beware the Wall Breakers as well, since walls are their target and destroy them immediately, which means that the ground unit will have access to your fortress.

Try to place walls around defensive buildings, gold and elixir storage and the Town Hall.

Walls can be upgraded in 11 different levels:

  • In level 1 they are like wooden fences.
  • In level 2 walls are an uncut rock.
  • In level 3 they are still rocks but smoother.
  • In level 4 they are taller and become solid iron.
  • In level 5 walls are sculpted gold.
  • In level 6 walls are made of purple crystal.
  • In level 7 they are darker and much taller and sharper.
  • In level 8 walls become black crystal and have a skull.
  • In level 9 they have spikes and fires burning.
  • In level 10 they have strips of lava and occasionally waves of fire.
  • And finally, on level 11 walls have electricity arcs and sometimes there appear waves of blue energy.

The higher the level is, the more expensive the walls are, placing a wall costs 200 coins, upgrading them on level 2 has a cost of 1,000 coins, on level 7 the cost is 200,000 coins and on the last level, level eleven they are 4,000,000 coins each wall! But obviously the higher the level of your wall is, the more difficult it is to go through it.

Clash of Clans download

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Supercell has released one of the most popular strategy games at the moment: Clash of Clans. This is an addictive strategy game that combines strategic planning and competitive speeded-up combats. Build your village, train your troops and rule the realm!

The game is available both for iOS and for Android. If you want to download the game you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you have to download Clash of Clans for iOS. To do this,Tap on download and the game will automatically get installed in your device. Make sure you have enough room, since the game has a size of 51.2 MB. It requires iOS 4.3 or later, and it is optimized for iPhone 5.
  • If you have a smartphone or a tablet that uses Android, you will have to enter Google Play, type Clash of Clans on the searcher and download the game. It requires Android 4.0.3 or later.

In both platforms the game is available in many languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Dutch, Japanese, Brazilian and Norwegian. It is completely free, but it includes some items that you can purchase with real money in order to do the game faster.

With Clash of Clans you will have to build a village strong enough to avoid you enemies’ attacks. Don’t worry if they attack you, you will always keep some of your resources and your properties will be restored. What’s more, you have the possibility to revenge from the ones who have attacked you!

But this is not all, besides having an implacable defence you must have a strong attack as well. You will get that by upgrading your barracks and army camps. Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Giants, War Wizards, Dragons and many others will fight for you! Train your troops, attack thousands of players online and lead your village to the victory!

If you rebuild the Clan Castle you will be able to create or join a Clan. The castle will be housed by troops that can be used during an attack or as defenders.

The game does also include a chat where you will be able to talk and meet people playing Clash of Clans around the world.

Start building your own village, get stronger and expand it, and rule the whole realm!